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My Gaza War

I rear-ended some settlers in a mini-van in the West Bank that afternoon, just before pulling into the settlement of Talmon for the funeral. There was no damage and we parted ways with a smile, joining the convoy snaking up … Continue reading

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What do you call it?

It’s startling sometimes the difference an hour or two can make. Wednesday went from a quiet morning with my infant daughter and not much happening in Israel, to a gunfight on the Egypt border between smugglers and IDF troops, and … Continue reading

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Reporting While Arab (RWA)

Sharon police Commander Kobi Shabtai had barely made his introduction to reporters at the sub-district headquarters in Kfar Saba on Monday morning, when he started to come under fire. “The police don’t pay any attention to us, you don’t give … Continue reading

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‘You only notice us when there’s a rocket or a rape’

Did you come to see the house that was hit by the rocket?” asked a little Ethiopian-Israeli boy. “The whole world’s already been here,” The child ran off to play soccer in a run-down courtyard nearby and I continued to the site of the attack that claimed the lives of three Israelis two weeks earlier. Continue reading

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